Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday and blooming fluid

Well ive gone back to daily weighing (my trainer wont be happy about that eeek!) I lost last week and on friday morning i weighed 99.5 kilos....this morning 101.3 kilos :( Its not that I have eaten over calories or anything but I think its cos I am ate too much sodium on friday and saturday. Friday night I have sumo salad which is hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sodium (over 1000 milligrams) and then saturday I had ravioli carbonara for dinner which is super high in sodium too (thanks to the bacon) On the plus side everyone at work had dominos for lunch on saturday and I just had my sandwich :) So I think sumo salad and pasta I will avoid at least for a while especially sumo salad. I can always have on saturday nights a yiros or a hamburger as a treat. For the moment I am not calorie cycling either...leaving it at 1400 calories a day. Not sure if I will be able to have a loss this weekend....will just need to do my best to get back under 99.5 kilos by xmas.

I do think its time to pull back on the diet coke...altho I am not ready to actually quit. So will see how I go the next few days only having diet coke after dinner and drinking water the rest of the day.

This week I am working 9-5 so not as much gym time this week. But tomorrow night hopefully manage 15-20 minutes cardio followed by 60 minutes or body balance.

I am also going to speak to my trainer this week about my weight training. I am not getting sore after my pump or PT sessions. So I suspect its time to up the ante (much to my disgust! lol) so I am going to talk to her about whether I need to do higher weights and also whether I need to do another weight session per week (she has previously written me a weight program so might need to do that once a week) anyway will wait and see what Tamika says about it all.

Anyway not much else going on....have a good night all :)


Jackie Birch said...

I am trying to cut down on Diet Coke as well, easier in the winter, I am allowed it with my meds and the rest has to be water.

beigegirl said...

Karyn, startide here from the WW MB. Just FYI, I did NOT lose weight until I gave up artificial sweeteners. Sure, there were other factors in there as well, but once I gave those up, the scales started moving.

I think that metabolically, some of us are just not equipped to process them. Now I didn't use them much (in coffee and hot drinks really), but now I use sugar and don't worry about it and have been losing slowly for quite some time now.

I should also tell you my Mum has been using them forever, and I can honestly say they've not helped her lose or maintain weight (and here she is, post menopausal, complaining about her weight!).

Use your discretion on the "natural" sweeteners, but I don't even like them much, and xylitol (my fave) is horrible in coffee anyway! Just steer clear of the numbers, IMO.