Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weigh in result :)

So my weight gain from early last week didnt go away by weigh in day and in fact it had increased by 200 I gained 2.2 kilos this week....back to 101.1 kilos....i was a bit pissed yesterday morning but the reality is I know to gain 2.2 kilos of fat I would have to eat 15000 calories over my maintenance level which I sure as chit didnt do lol.

In relation to my food and processed foods making one small change....i drank diet coke all the time till i got down to 79 kilos when i previously lost the weight so I dont think it will stop me from losing BUT if it gets to it i will cut it out. So i have been having a quest protein bar in the afternoon and 2 of their peanut butter cups in the morning. The PB cups are 240 calories, 20 grams of protein so I thought it was a good option but of course it is i will cut that out this week and change it to a banana and 30 grams of tahini...similar calories not as much protein but a good fat but of course a banana and tahini is only minimally i love them both :) I will keep having my protein bar in the afternoon and see how it goes. If this change doesnt give me consistent losses I have some other changes I will make. I am lucky tho in one way in that I have done this before successfully and I know what I ate before to lose the fingers crossed.

I went shopping today :) After body pump I went and got my eyebrows waxed and went to target and bought a pair of gloves, beanie, pair of flanalette pj's and some bonds undies (geeezus they are expensive!)...i then went to Lorna Janes and bought 4 tank tops and a zip up jacket and cos I spent over $200 they gave me a pair of navy flashdance pants (dont fit me yet but WILL)

Despite the weight loss not making huge inroads (I am lower then a month ago altho only slightly) there has been progress in other ways (its not only about the scales!) Since I had my lil meltdown about 6 weeks ago lol and increased my PT to 3 sessions a week I have made some progress....I am now doing box jumps....admittedly only with 2 lifts under the step but box jumps are box jumps lol (but i have a sinking feeling the lifts may increase to 3 this week), I am back running on the treadmill doing sprints...maximum only 1 min 15 seconds....but considering how I was on the treadmill a few weeks ago thats a massive improvement LOL. My cravings have subsided which is fantastic, I have noticed my skin on my face is softer and mentally I feel better...not perfect but a massive improvement. The weight loss will come I dont doubt that just as before when I lost the weight....lots of ups and downs its all good :)

So I was 101.7 kilos yesterday morning...happily this morning I was 101.1 kilos :)

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