Thursday, May 15, 2014

Back on the treadmill

I havent done a post for a few days. Mostly cos I have had long days and just so tired!

I had my last diet coke saturday night and havent had one since :) I am still eating my protein bars cos on investigation they have no crap items in them and when i researched a bit on Jillians thoughts on protein was quest bars that she recommended :)

The scales have been moving down nicely this week. I weigh in tomorrow and expecting a nice solid loss.

Ive really been exercising hard lately. Tuesday I did some cardio then 45 minutes RPM and then PT and did the exact same last night. Burnt over 900 calories both nights. Last night Tamika had me on the blasted treadmill running intervals. She is like your going to run at 8.5km/hr I am like I cannot do that...she is all like yes you can your stronger and fitter then you feet wont be able to keep up....well in the end i was doing 1 minute intervals at a speed of 9km/hr admittedly holding on I was convinced tho I couldnt do it...apparantly now I am fine with the speed the next goal is to do it without holding on. Then Tamika wanted me to do box jumps with 3 raises under the step....that didnt happen tho i just dont think I can jump that high....but apparantly friday we are doing it again.

When i was on the treadmil my trainer was like "you have to feel good you know we have hit some goals lately" i was like (exhausted and unconvinced) and then she was like...the box jumps (with just 2 raises) back on the treadmill and running...yeh yeh haha ;)

Tonight i might go to the gym for body pump...undecided as I have been a bit tired and have a scratchy throat so thinking it might be better to have a night of rest so im all good for tomorrow.

Wish me luck with tomorrows weigh in!

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