Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weigh in update :)

Forgot to do a weigh in update! I lost 2.6 kilos so back down to 99.1 kilos. :)

Friday night I did a 45 minute boxing class and then straight after PT. My trainer taught the boxing class...afterwards she was like...did u have fun? hah...really not sure why she thought she might get a positive response to that lol. While i kinda enjoy the punching the whole getting down and doing things like pushups, mountain climbers, burpees etc im just not fit enough for that. Then pretty much soon as the class was over she had me doing intervals on the treadmill at a speed of 9.5kmph i was still holding on but holy crap....i hope she doesnt say to do 10kmph this week...i did it once...and i swear several hours later i thought my lungs were still going to kinda prefer we back of the speed a bit and work on me running without holding on....but that said i dont think i am going to get a choice in the matter LOL

Yesterday went out to a local "paleo cafe" with Martine. I had a salad of pear, walnuts and beetroot with chicken and a coconut water. Was super nice!

I am only working 3 days this week...thursday and friday is my days off and as it turns out my sister is down for the weekend so i am taking the weekend off as annual leave.

Tomorrow i am working 8-4 then i will be doing a 30 minute boxing class *rolls eyes* and a 30 minute PT session.

Have a good week all!


Kat McLennan Moffat said...

Hi darling. I havnt seen you in a while so awesum to see a update. Great work on your weight and seems more running and less speed would be good as breathing is such a key to life? Can you believe the huge changes in your life and who you have transformed into. A huge well done from me.xxxxx

Kat McLennan Moffat said...

Wonderful to see your progress update, its been a while since I saw your around so A huge well done from me.
Can you ever believe how much you have changed and grown in your journey xxxxxxx massive applause from Kat in NZ