Saturday, May 31, 2014

Its been a week or so since I last updated...slack eh?

I went back to food coaching on thursday night...Im hoping the new food coach can help me figure out why I fluctuate so much. I had a session on thursday and she asked me what I normally eat in a day and made a couple of small changes straight away. Im kinda slack with breakfast and often dont have it till like she wants me eating that as soon as I wake and I have also changed it to a protein shake and a banana....mostly cos she wants me eating protein with each meal and also cos its easy at 5.30 or 6.30 in the morning. Then a morning snack of 10 almonds. Lunch she wants me having a sandwich but with no cheese, and no processed meats. So they are a few small changes so far. She also knew of PCOS and had recently been to a seminar on that kind of knowledge can only help :)

My PT sessions are going well as well. She seems very focused on breaking my fears and trying to get me to enjoy the gym. I dont think I will ever enjoy the gym...its a necessary not athletic etc and thats long as it gets my end result. I do 3 sessions a week...just as I did with Fiona....I think 3 is a nice number...I know it seems expensive...but i think you make more progress with session a week I dont think really makes much of a impact. The main things we seem to work on is running on the blasted treadmill....and box jumps...neither am I a fan of! lol. In reality I would prefer to do boxing but since I started attending my trainers boxing classes we dont tend to do it in PT. The good thing tho is mentally I am feeling somewhat better at the gym. I now do my PT session plus each week 1 boxing class, 2 RPM classes. Which as I write that I realise I really am now not really doing too much specially when I compare it to what I use to do...bah !

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