Sunday, June 01, 2014


Food is going good! :) This morning the scales said 101.5 would be nice to under 100 kilos by thursday but not overly likely!

I have realised that over the past few years I have become complacent. I put the choice back into this journey. What I mean by that is when I was successfully losing wasnt a option it just had to be done....but these days its more like the whole....oh but I want a [insert treat] oh bugger it what does it matter if I have it? So its something I really need to work on...its not a option. I really want and NEED to get to goal....non negotiable.

I am feeling better the antibiotics have obviously kicked in.

I have been getting a lot of ankle joint aches lately. They arent injured or anything just get very achey in this colder weather.

Watched season 1 of Khloe and Lamar today - I am such a sucker for the kardashians! lol hahhaha my favourite show at the moment lol ;)

Gym tomorrow....30 minute boxing class and PT session (lets hope I dont have to go on that revolting cross trainer haha!)

We are getting our bonus this week wooooooooo by the end of the week I should have booked and paid for my holiday for september....cannot wait to see how much it gets and what I can afford! Enjoy your day/night all! :)

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