Saturday, May 24, 2014

So today has been a good day, my sister is in Adelaide for the weekend so we spent it shopping and eating - oops! No i actually didnt eat ridiculously....weetbix for breakfast...a small sumo salad (which are pretty tiny)....a mini cupcake and skim hot chocolate...a small gelato and a steak burger and fries at hogs breath...not great....but its not binging its just having a few extravagances.

But that said today I was thinking I really need to knuckle down. When thinking over the last 5-6 weeks prolly 80% of the time my eating has been spot on but there was some bad moments, which is prolly why its been so up and down. Friday i did organise to go back to food coaching session. So that will be thursday night.

I have decided that in September I am either going on a cruise (fingers crossed) or 5 nights in Sydney....then also I want to do the city to bay run on sept 21. So enough floundering around....time to get focused as of monday I will do 1400 calories a day no high and low calorie days at least for a bit....I just need to get some consistency and consistency loses.

This weeks workout looks like this:

monday : 30 minute boxing + 30 minute PT (maybe try some stairclimbing or some running on treadmill)
tuesday : 45 minutes RPM + 30 minute PT
wednesday : 45 minutes RPM + 30 minutes treadmill
thursday : 45 minutes cardio (stairs/xtrainer)
friday : 45 minutes cardio + 30 minutes PT
saturday : rest day
sunday : 45 minute work out at the local football oval

So weigh in monday morning...I will use that as my official weigh ins but also weigh thursday night at the gym. If I religiously apply myself there is no reason why i cannot lose weight. I'd really like to weigh in the 80's by the time of the holiday....focus kazz focus!

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