Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 3 !

Yesterday we went to see a "blowhole" wat we didnt realise till we got there was it involved a 10 minute walk in sand up and down hills (so 20 minutes there and back) The blowhole itself didnt seem to be working although the view was gorgeous and i took photos. We then went to the whispering rocks which whisper to you when a wave comes in...that was very cool and my sister took a couple of photos of me at it. So will upload them when I get home. We then walked back to the car and omg it beat any gym workout i swear as going back was mostly uphill and as i said the sand was soft. I said to my sister...Ive never been so glad to see your car before lol we decided next time i come back we will redo the walk to see how i cope with it.

Yesterday my niece (whose 4) wanted to play with my make up...i said tonite we will have a girls nite...but we ended up playing singstar anyway went to bed she came into the bedroom very unhappy that we forgot abut our "girls nite" so today she has been getting a chance to play with my make up LOL was quite hilarious but very cute.

I got dressed this morning...put on the exs old tshirt which i always use as a guage (not that long ago was firm fitting) and thought hmmm it seems i said to my sister about it...she said its definitely not firm fitting anymore and then she said...i think ive lost weight since u been here too cos we been eating so healthy LOL. Last nite we had marinated steak, potato and salad (no dressing) tonite we are making home made pizzas but i will be using ww cheese on mine so not too concerned about that. And considering the points i earned yesterday (worked out to be 5 points for 20 minutes!) think i can afford it.

The funniest thing is my sister has chickens (4 of them) and a the lamb is confused...and thinks its a chicken lol even goes and sleeps in the chickens cage anyway miss 4 comes in the house today and said...the 4 chickens are out of theyre house...but the white chicken is lying in it...yep u guessed it...the "white chicken" is the lamb which they call lambie LOL...i will take out miss 4 in a minute and take some photos of the animals. Okies enjoy all =]

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Hippygal said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and good for you for eating healthy and still getting some exercise in :-)