Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Streaky Bay

Well here we are in streaky bay. Arrived monday night just before 7pm, the bus had been delayed leaving adelaide by 45 minutes. From adelaide to port augusta i had to share a seat (about 4 hours) but the lady was a skinny minny so wasnt too bad. From pt augusta to streaky bay i had a seat to myself which was good. I wasnt too bored...I didnt really read much but the mp3 player combined with a series of texts from Leigh kept me occupied.

Monday night me and my sister played singstar for about 3 hours which was hilarious. Yesterday cos it was so damn hot (reached 44.7 here) we didnt do too much and in fact I even napped in the afternoon - something I never normally do.

This morning the kids have some of their cousins coming over and then this arvo we are off to the "blow hole" so the camera may get a work out there.

Foodwise I havent been too bad at all. Breakfast has been weetbix and fat reduced milk both days, and lunch ham and salad sandwiches on multigrain bread. Last nite for dinner was marinated chicken wings and mashed potato and i also filled up on lots of beetroot, cucumber and tomato. I may not lose this week but I also wont be expecting a gain and even if I do gain it will drop off quick my first week home when i get back to my hotler ways with my food ! LOL

Okies off to go get ready for my day - have a good few days all

kazz =]

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Tania said...

OMG @ the weather - that would have been so unbearable you poor thing!

Sounds like you're having a good time and doing well with your food choices, look forward to seeing the photos when you get home.