Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm packed !

Well I think I am packed...I keep walking into another room and seeing something else I need to pack into a bag.

Today I was washing and there was a pair of 3/4 jeans in the laundry basket they have been there for about a year....i think cos they no longer i picked them up i was thinking oh the button musta come off or something...checked...nope button is in tact....checked zipper....all ok.....checked inner seams...all good....hmmmm....lemme slide these babies on and see if they fit...woot they do !

My aim whilst on holidays is to lose 100 gonna track as much as i can obviously i cant weigh my pasta before cooking etc so you do lose some controlbut im gonna do my very best, and altho its gonna be stinking hot try and be a lil active. I know kerry is planning we go fishing on the jerry one nite....told kerry,....the kids will need to teach but down on the jetty in the evening mite mean some good photos. Thats the other thing...every man and their dog has been saying to me.,....take lots of pics. I have a digital camera and never used it much altho i have a lil more lately...isnt it funny how the camera kinda symbolises where we are in life....whenwe are at our lowest the camera is in the back of a drawer somewhere,,,,when we are happy and things are falling into place the camera suddenly comes yes....the camera will be out this week.

Good luck to everyone weighing in this sure i will post during the week to report on the going ons at streaky bay =]

kazz =]


Tina said...

Have a wonderful, relaxing holiday Kazz. You will do fine with the tracking. I guess because you have been weighing everything, you have a pretty good idea about portion sizes.

I still don't post many photos of myself. Someone said to me the other day - "Why not, that's what other people see when they look at you"

I look forward to seeing your photos when you get back.

Jody said...

Have a great time hun, you deserve it. Funny how your excitement, happiness, joy for life reflects on all of us. I know I find myself excited to open your blog and see what mischieve you've gotten into...and extremely anxious to read about your updates with ww and all.

As a matter of fact your enthusiam made me go out yesterday and REjoin WW, buy the scales you bought. You may not know it but your excitement etc...rubs off on me and now I am anxious to follow your WW footsteps.

Have fun in Streaky...give the kids and your sister a big hi from the Yank. Hahahah

Will miss ya,


Tania said...

Hope you're having a good time and not getting sucked into too many stories ... lol