Saturday, January 10, 2009


Didn't end up going out last nite. I was concerned about being tempted to drink and i went for a lay down and didnt wake up till 8.45pm so decided to skip it.

Anyway up early this morning...and OMG the day started out drama filled. I jumped on the bus to go to the salisbury ww meeting...but i caught the WRONG bus...once i realise i got off not knowing where i was....i rang for a taxi giving the street address not knowing what suburb i was in....the guy asked for it i said...i think salisbury but im lost so im not even tho i had the street address he wouldnt book me a taxi (asshole!) so i hung up on him telling him "thanks for your help" in my most sarcastic tone...anyway so i walked for a bit and then discovered i was at salisbury rang got a taxi and off to the meeting. Once I got to the meeting i bought the toffee bars, the chocolate bars and the sour cream and chives rice crackers - so plenty of snack things for this week. And then the best news was .................. *drum roll* i lost 2.3 kilos ! (5.06 pounds). So since i rejoined ww on december 15 (wonder if someone is overlooking me and cheering me on? I did join on my dads birthday ;)) i have last 9 kilos thats in 3.5 weeks. Since i started this journey i have now lost 29.1 kilos....this is the lowest by far ive been for at least 9 months possibly longer would have to go back thru my journal to confirm that. But not only do i feel great i have my confidence back that i CAN do this..and it all comes down to weighing and tracking. I am quietly confident about this week at my sisters...whilst i wont have as much control i am confident i will make the right choices and when i next weigh in will be to reach that 30 kilos mark...amazing to think its not too far away and i will be dropping yet another of my daily points. (oh and my goal of being under 143 by end of january is done as well lol just a lil early) Seeing tania was great its actually been a longgggggggggggg time since we caught up...after we went over to mcdonalds...i had a plain toasted muffin with jam and a hot chocolate..:) so simply a case of more wise decisions. But it was lovely to catch up with tania - i look forward to doing it again in the not too distant future


donna said...

well done kazz great loss
have fun at your sisters enjoy the break

Hippygal said...

Another fantastic loss and nearly 30 kilos all up bloody brilliant :-)

Tania said...

Hey Kazz - congratulations again! Your losses are FANTASTIC!

Was a nice surprise to see you at the meeting today and what a drama for you regarding the taxi, you should have just rung me instead!

Enjoy your time away - we'll have to catch up again soon when you get back.

~lose2live~ said...

FANTASTIC, great weight loss :) Good to hear you so happy too :)