Friday, January 09, 2009

Life is good...

A friend said the other day...put positive vibes out there and u will get positive back...and must admit that seems to be the case.

Yesterday at work my boss came up to me said do u wanna go up to CRG (customer relations) i thought she meant for a couple of hours or i was like sure....then a hour later she emails me and says go up now...and ull be there tomorrow too lol so off i go...then when i go there we get told this will be for anywhere from 2 weeks to a couple of months woot ! Its given me a real insight to their job...and id love to do it permanantly so its something i need to keep a eye out for any vacant positions they advertise

Then last nite i go to the ATM...withdraw $100 and walk away without my cash ! OMG i seriously am duh sometimes ! Anyway so i went to the bank and can you believe they credited me back the money....theyve been a pain in the ass sometimes but over this they were brilliant.

Booked my ticket for streaky last nite and got the confirmation today so all ready to go. I went and bought a telstra G prepaid phone as thats the only provider that gets mobile connection and well i need to be contactable ! LOL

Tonight im heading off to the wheaty (yes again - made i should just set up camp there? lol) But am planning not to drink as i have ww in the morning...also planning to be home by midnight cos i need to be up early. Someone from the pinksofa from melbourne is coming over and thats what the get together is for (well thats the excuse lol) also another local girl i havent met before is going plus the usual suspects. I asked leigh if she wanted to come but she has to look after the kids tonite (her and her sister foster 4 kids between themselves) but a chance to look nice and go out for a chat is always fun !

Okies off i go....fingers crossed for tomorrows weigh in ! xox

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Mary B said...

best wishes for weigh in tomorrow, wish i was your weigher would love to follow your journey.