Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Always check meeting times...

SOMEONE (not mentioning any names) forgot to check that there was a meeting on today ! Guess what? There wasnt ! (well not at a time i could get too) so i went into the city only to discover i couldnt weigh in. So instead i will go to the salisbury meeting on saturday and use it as a chance to see tania :) I had a sneak peak at my scales this morning and will be expecting a loss on saturday of around a kilo. The good news is I have decided to go to Streaky Bay, so by going on saturday as there are no ww meetings in streaky it will be only 10 days between meetings. And YES i am going...decided today.

This morning i woke and there was a message for me from my friend Felicity about Leigh. The short story is felicity likes leigh (in fact has told me she is in love with leigh) leigh is getting over someone and leigh is the one who told me she likes me. SO ! i get this message saying "i found the right girl (leigh) she just doesnt realise it yet" which made me feel crappy...i texted leigh and said i think we need to put some distance between ourselves...she then told me she told felicity that she told me she likes me and thinks i have soft hands (lol). I knew that if felicity asked her Leigh would tell her this and apparantly felicity has worked out for herself that I like leigh. Anyway leigh was like no...we can all still hangout...its not a issue. THEN i got another message this afternoon from felicity asking me if me and robyn are going to hook up (oh did i mention lesbians are DRAMA FILLED?) i was like no...shes still hooked on someone and my focus is on my weight loss at the moment AND if i do get together with someone i want it to be someone who is into me and not someone pining after someone else. We both agreed we just gonna keep going out and socialising.

So yes I am going to streaky...will book my ticket on friday...i am excited now (pray i get a seat to myself) normally when ive gone there on the bus you leave at like 8pm and get in at some ungodly hour in the morning like 5.30am now they run it different you leave about 8am with two meal stops and get in around 6pm which is better i think...its airconditioned so even if its a hot day shouldnt really be a issue. I am going to look at it as perfect timing for some reading ! I got a book voucher for my birthday so that works out perfectly. I will buy some ww snacks to take with me, breakfast and lunch is easy...weetbix and a ham sandwich or whatever and dinner i will have a small portion of whatever kerry makes with a side salad. I will still track as they have internet access so that is now im getting EXCITED ! Okies off to go do some work !

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donna said...

hey kazz enjoy your time away from the drama lol nah really enjoy your time while on holiday