Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I think all that alcohol is being flushed out of my system lol...ive been going to the loo non stop today...people at work musta thought something strange was going on cos i went to the loo at one point 3 times in a hour haha

Another good day foodwise...im debating whether to have a chicken burger or carbonara for dinner. I need to go to the shops to get bacon for carbonara and its hot and im really not interested in going to the shops. I finished work at 3pm today and dont work till 12pm tomorrow, so in the morning i will pop into weight watchers, i cant stay for the minute but the most important things is to step on those scales, the meetings themselves while i will always stay for them whenever i can i dont feel i get a whole lot out of them but that accountability the scales gives me is huge.

Weekend off this week and can u believe my damn plans? Im still seriously considering going to streaky on monday, the break would be great but like i said im worried about the bus being full if i dont go i have some other plans, friends i went to school with wanna meet for morning tea one day, i desperately need a haircut and colour also mum is going to take me out to fellinis (my FAVE restuarant) for lunch and im sure some other things will come along....the other thing is its not as easy to eat and track as well at someone elses house ... im a bit pathetic in i measure out EVERYTHING i weigh EVERYTHING its like a crazy addiction LOL

Regardless wherever i am i will be having a nice 11 days with lots of downtime and relaxing

Will be back after weigh in tomorrow....fingers & toes crossed ! lol


Tina said...

Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow Kazz. I'm sure you will see another loss. You are on fire.

Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself socially. I'm jealous of your days off work.

Tania said...

Hey Kazz - is Christina your leader at the meeting you go to now? Good luck with weigh in tomorrow, I think your bladder must know it's just around the corner ... lol

As to going to Streaky Bay - well we're both doing things a bit more strictly this time around and i'm sure Kerry would understand if you did some shopping while up there - enjoy the time with the kids while still eating like you would at home!

Oh yum Fellini's, I went there with a couple of friends for lunch last year and it was the first time i've been there since we first met there all those years ago ... lol, and they still have their shape up menu too :-)