Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to work again...

Well back to the doldrums of work today...started at 7am...but only another 4 days of work and then i have 11 days off. Havent really decided what to do for my partly tempted to go to streaky concern is the bus being crowded and my fat ass having to share a seat love to go there for 5 days or so...the kids are only holidays from school so could get plenty of time with them...ill have to decide pretty damn shortly !

I must say my self confidence is certainly improving. Its a very bizarre scenario for me to have someone tell me they "like me" I havent had that for years. One of my friends felicity said...can you believe all these people gathered together for your birthday? She was like...i wouldnt get this many together. And its been over the last 5 weeks or so that i am even started to consider myself "popular" i havent had friends for years...i either lost contact with people or simply just didnt have friends now suddenly...i have got friends...its taken me a while...but i think thats cos initially i can be quiet...but ultimately i think people can see i am not a player and have relatively high morals and once i get comfy my humour comes out. That in itself is a eye opener Ive always thought its the loud people who are popular and dont worry i can be bloody loud but not when I initially meet someone.

I havent been back to the gym...i need to get back and i know why i havent. I really am undecided about what to do about the dietician...part of me thinks talk to them and say i dont wanna see the dietician...and another part thinks oh just see her to keep the peace...i really am not one for confrontation....but i really do need at the very least to get back into my personal training sessions...and i am still keen to do boxing...decisions decisions !

Well just about time to go cook dinner...have a good nite all =]


Tania said...

I tell you the friends thing is the inner confidence coming out. When you're happier with yourself and what you're achieving people notice and they're drawn to you like a magnet - well that's my theory anyway.

As to the gym - if you're happy with what you're achieving with Weight Watchers then there's only one thing to do - tell them you think that suits your lifestyle more. After all less restriction means you're going to stick to it more in the long term. They can't argue with that theory, and if all else fails you could tell them you can't afford the dietician AND the personal training sessions and the PT sessions are what you think you need most. But whatever you do don't let procrastination over the dietician decision delay you going back to the gym.

Jody said...

EXCELLENT advice Tania!! Karyn, you should really listen to what she's telling you. I couldn't agree anymore.I think we've known you the longest of those who visit your blog and we both know "procastination" is NOT your friend. Hahaha! So, get with it!

Love ya Karyn, and take that bus ride you should go visit your sister!