Friday, January 30, 2009

Well this will be a short one....its still bloody hot of course. I am back at work tomorrow and not looking forward to going out in the heat for work tomorrow. Today i have picked...i have drunk no water...not sure why....the one thing im thinking is since i changed my dinners ive not been as focused and im thinking it could be cos my dinners havent been something i have really looked forward to. I am going to go back to my pasta dishes but on a daily basis depending on my points left at the end of the day i may cut back to as much as 60 grams of pasta...i also had nothing in the house for breakfast (no milk) and it was too hot for me to go outside. But enuff ... i know im at the point now where i was 12 months ago and gave its back to focusing on foods i really enjoy and focusing on the gym. MOnday i have a PT session but prior to that i am planning to do a class, a 30 minute class of amazing abs i really need to get back to my natzi ways of tracking. Anyway thats it for today !

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Tania said...

Good on you for being conscious of the signs. Definitely agree with you too - at the end of the day if you're not enjoying what you're eating you're not going to stick at it long term.