Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yesterday was NOT a good day !

Well yesterday was a shitty day for no real reason. Dunno why maybe the heat got to me or boredom cos u cant do too much in this gawd damn heat but i overate =[ admittedly all low points food but i still overate. Amazingly today i have woken and thought what was my problem? LOL im even planning on monday nite to attending a class of amazing abs class before my PT session.

My eating so far today has been spot on ! I have already drunk 1.5 litres of water and will fill up my bottle again in another 45 minutes and then will also have another 750 mls while going home which will see me at 3 litres.

Last nite one of the girls i met at speed dating in november messaged me on msn. Asked me of i wanna go out to wheatie next friday nite? Anyway i was also talking to robyn and i said...wonder what she wants? Robyn was like who said she wants anything? i was like robyns like are u gonna go? I was like nah i told her i didnt think which robyn said (and i quote lol) "is it totally inconceivable to you that someone might like you?" hmmmm...honest answer? yeh it is...its an alien concept....i know Leigh said it to me...but i didnt believe her deep down...and yanno i know im popular with friends...but the concept of someone having a interest in me romantically is not something i can really comprehend, and in some ways something i dont even want....there is that "fantasy" where i want a partner...but do i wanna go thru all the drama of dating and working out who is the right one? no i dont not old lol maybe too old for all this stuff lol...i know im content with my life how it is...with going out with friends etc...maybe im even happy....who knows...but the grief/drama that girls and relationships and dating and all that crap can bring along .... nah im not interested. In the end Robyn was like...we have discussed this before i know u dont really think all that your just in a funk...but to be honest i dont think it is a funk...weird.

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Tania said...

Any chance it could be a fear of rejection? The word that stuck out here is "content", I think when you're happy you KNOW it and while being content is a good thing I think the acceptance of people being interested will come when your confidence in yourself grows. And the rate you're losing weight i'm sure that's going to happen sooner rather than later.

Oh and well done too on pulling yourself up after one day of over eating too - that's a good sign!