Sunday, February 01, 2009

TA DA Its sunday...

Back at work today...we were busy this morning but seems to be quiet now...lets hope it stays that way. Yesterday i managed to save 3.5 points and that included a day where i had a bertie beetle ! LOL i was very impressed....and so far today spot on too...have had lunch and have only used 8.5 points...tonite i am making my tuna pasta and am planning to save 3.5 points tonite too...that should get me well and truly back on track to aim for a loss this week. So far today i have also drunk 1.5 litres of water, and will fill up my 750 ml bottle again during my next break.

Downloaded Jillians radio show last nite and listened to that before bed. I always find it interesting...she was saying that will power she believes can be a learned trait by living in the moment...was rather interesting...and that damn sexii voice of hers yum yum

Tomorrow i am working 7am-3pm then after work i am going to the gym to do a class followed by a PT session.

I had the strangest dream last nite...dreamt i was going on a cruise which left from sydney but to get there we had to first fly to sudan (like wtf????) then fly back to campbelltown then sydney hahahahha omg it WAS a crazy dream people !

As to your comments Tania....yeh ur prolly right....and to be honest i dont wanna go thru again and again being hurt yeh i know u gotta take a risk etc etc and maybe in a weeks time or 3 months time or 6 months time i will be willing to take the risk but certainly at the moment its not something i am interested in.

Oh and biggest loser is back on tonite ! Can't wait !

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Anonymous said...

11 kilos in 6 weeks is fantastic sweety! I am so proud of you!!!!!!