Monday, February 02, 2009

On track

Good morning all. Nice early start for me today...had to be at work at 7am ! Buts its 11.15am and i am halfway thru my day YAY. Yesterday I saved 2.5 the last two days ive saved 6 points which i reckon makes up for fridays eating lol. Tonight i have a PT session at 5.30pm then gonna home and after biggest loser will make spaghetti bolognaise....and speaking of biggest loser wasnt it great? I loved that nothing about it seems the same so far as last year...i think the 2 boys who are brothers are gonna be a force to be reckoned with....and the lady who was the biggest and was saying her life is out of control i think she will have a very interesting journey.

This morning i weighed and the scales seem to be going in the right direction..regardless i know im doing good...i even drank 3 litres of water yesterday, and amazingly even tho i had to be up at 5.30am this out of bed very easily. So far today ive drunk 1.8 litres and am partway thru another 600 mls and will drink another 600mls at the gym tonite which will see me at 3 litres.

When getting dressed this morning i noticed a size 22 top i bought that still has its tags on that hasnt been fitting me (im in size 24's) anyway thought ill try it on and wo0ot it fits me...i only tried it on last week and was still too tight...its firm fitting but definitely SO impressed ! I have another top same style and size different i am slowly getting there

Watched episode 2 of L word for series 6 after biggest loser and OMFG was SOOOOOOOOOOO good ! so unbelievably good...hopefully i can download episode 3 tonite....wo0ot !

Okies off to do some work,,,,have a good day all

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