Tuesday, February 03, 2009


ahhhh its finally starting to get a lil cooler. Walking to the bus stop at 6.15am this morning was rather nice. Had another good day yesterday...saved another 3.5 points so i think i have well and truly made up for that picking of food on friday. I weighed myself this morning and they are heading in the right direction hopefully i will lose 500 grams this week...weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed. I have the day off and apart from going to weight watchers will be doing bloody nothing (lazy eh? lol)

I am wearing another one of my size 22 tops today....YAY

Oh last nite i was laying there thinking...i must be getting close to the lowest since 2006....i went thru my journal and my lowest was 138.3....so i am only 1.5 kilos of that !!!! hooorah !!! ANd after tomorrows weigh in hopefully even closer !


Anonymous said...

You are on fire chicken!

Tina said...

Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow Kazz. How good is it to fit into something smaller that you couldn't get into before.