Wednesday, February 04, 2009

YAY its a good day !

So for anyone who isnt on my facebook...i lost 1.3 kilos =] i was very happy about that...that takes me to 12.3 kilos since december 15 and 32.4 kilos altogether...and I am now getting close to severalgod things...2.7 kilos and i will have my 10% since rejoinging in december...2.6 kilos till i reach 35 kilos...and 3.5 kilos till im at 135 kilos and of course only 300 grams till im at my lowest in 2 years ! YAY i feel so on convinced that i am going to see this through and so focused on my goals for this year...i have 6.5 kilos to lose between now and 28th march to reach m goal of 132 kilos which i wanna reach by Robyns birthday party. 39.5 kilos to be under 100 OMFG under 40 kilos to lose to get there...! So much is in my grasp at the moment it isnt funny !

Was talking to leigh last nite and she was saying how she has culled a lot of her friends recently....and i said..i never use to have any friends...and she was like "im in shock" and i asked why? And she said cos ur such a friendly gal. Isn't it weird how our perception of ourselves is just so different? I dont see me that way....i still see me as the wall flower....the "fat girl" whose a outcase but is invited along to make up numbers or something...yet i have had several people tell me they see me as friendly...and popular. Thats such a hard concept cos i just dont get it...but its part of the journey i guess

On the 22nd i have a girls nite at the mojo popped into katies today cos i need a new top...i have new jeans to wear YAY found them in the cupboard tried them on a few weeks ago and they slide right on me (may be a lil looser now) still with tags on em anyway i saw a couple of tops i liked so next week when i go to the gym ill pop in and buy one.

I am downloading the US versions of biggest loser ! They are currently doing a couples series too and series one is ready for me to also downloading series 3 and 5 so lots of good motivational viewing coming my way !


Anonymous said...

seriously - u r a different person kazz! U r just climbing a massive hill and biting away huge chunks of weight and low self esteem and i can't wait to be there with you on your way down!

Tania said...

Oh you're such a dag! lol. Of course people like you, now the challenge is out there for you to see why - it is true though, we see ourselves in a much more negative light than what others see us, just takes time to adjust that perception!

Well done on 1.3kgs too that's yet another awesome result!

Hippygal said...

Congrats on the loss, you are doing awesome :-)

Jody said...

OMG You are such a "Drama Queen" know darn well why people love you! I tell you all the time...they love you for your money..hahah j/k!!

Despite what your perception of you is, I know better! I love being around you (online) cus your funny as hell. Have a wonderful sense of humor. You are so talented artistcally (I seriously doubt that's how you spell that) The music you know and own. Your artwork online!

The way you can listen to people and help them with their problems. (Now if you would learn to listen and take your own advice!!)

You are fun to be around. Only wish I could actually meet you in person! I know we'd have such a great time.

Don't sweat "meeting" anyone. It will happen when you least expect it. Just go out and be yourself and HAVE FUN!!!

You truly are a dork at times....but I still wuv you!!!

kazz said...

oh can u imagine if we ever did meet jody? would be a blast ! Maybe one day .. never know aussie is just a short trip from the grande ole US of A but thanks for what u said...and i guess ur agreeing with tania in that im a dag ! lol