Thursday, February 05, 2009

One day off is never enough...

Back to work today...having only one day off really sucks...especially when all the starts are at 7am...but yes here i am again lol lucky me

I had the yummiest lunch yesterday not sure if i put it in yesterdays post or not...but it was chicken pieces sprinkled with cajun seasoning, (3 points), 1 egg boiled and sliced (1.5 points), 20 grams of pasta (2 points), ceaser sauce (1 point)...and mixed it all togethe was soooooooooooooooo damn yummi !

Funny how when things start to go right your perception of stuff just totally changes. A few weeks ago i was in one of my funks...deciding i am over women dont wanna put myself at risk of being hurt...and thinking this is my lot in life...just accept it. But then i got thinking to several years ago...when i dreamed about having friends to go on nites out with....back then it was a dream...i wasnt happy enuff with myself to take the steps to meet people...i have done that now...i have those while having a girlfriend etc may seem like a "dream" those dreams have come true before so there is always the chance they would come true again...sure i may meet someone and it not work out and i may be miserable for a few weeks or maybe even months....but it really is worth that risk for that chance at ultimate happiness. By saying thats it not getting involved with was only hurting me...i think in a sense i felt like that thinking this will teach leigh...but as if anyone else cares if i am or arent in a i know only too well the only person who can control my happiness is ME.

Shopping nite tonite...which means a treat of yiros for dinner ! yum yum ! Have a good day all

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