Friday, February 06, 2009

Soooooooooooo motivated!

I feel very motivated at the moment ! I bought michelle from biggest losers book last nite called "crunch time" and its soooooooooo motivating...the first part talks about emotional issues etc with exercises etc which i have been doing but she also sets out a 12 week exercise program and she tells u what gym classes to do to work it all in so Ive come to the decision that tomorrow i am signing up for a additional PT session which will be boxing for 10 weeks. So i will do my resistance training with fiona one day, my boxing another day with her, one day per week a pump class, one day a week body balance and the other 2 days i will do my beginners biggest loser dvd or RPM class. I have decided to bite the bullet and before work tomorrow i am going in to try a RPM class then monday i have my resistance session with fiona. What I need to remember too since I am about to increase this increase is that my losses may slow down a bit but thats okay cos i want a hot body ! LOL and if this is what I need to do so be it.

Everything else is going well....was suppose to work 7am-3pm tomorrow and saturday but someone wanted to swap and so now I am working noon-8pm so i get to catch up on a lil sleep...especially on sunday morning.

Anyway not much else to say....have a good day all !

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