Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still bloody hot...

Weighed in and lost 500 grams ! taking me to a total loss of 11 kilos over the last 6 weeks....and 31.1 since i started all this back in 2006. AND im under 140 kilos woooo hoooo ! i feel like the 140's has been hell on earth my head for a huge chunck of it was just not in the right place i fluctuated so many times between 145-150 kilos it wasnt funny. But amazingly once i started tracking...i started seeing those scales moving. The meeting i went to was held by a leader called Josephine and i thought she was fabulous...i was there first and she came over and said heres a book to read while u wait....was a lil cookbook full of the end i went to return it back to her and she said no u keep it. She also gave some interesting info out....she recommends a maximum of 1 banana per day and the riper the banana gets the higher GI it gets. So on the way home today i bought half a pineapple she also pointed out to be careful with stone fruit cos they are apparantly very high in sugar. Anyway she is one leaders meetings i would like to catch as much as possible..she also does meetings at norwood...she also runs challenges over 3 weeks i thought she was great.

I then went to the gym (yes in this damn heat !) and did a PT session....fiona was really impressed said i did much better then last week....she also asked me about ww ;) she also bought me in a sachet of stuff which is suppose to help with restoring electrolytes in my body (to help with my dizzy spells) so will test it next time i get dizzy plus i will check out their website

Last nite me and tania went in the heat lol to see bride wars.....such a good movie....we wanna go see confessions of a shopaholic next was a really fun evening

OKies not much else to say i only wanna try and stay cool right now...make sure u all do too !

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Tania said...

Have a feeling you won't be dragging your mattress back upstairs for a while yet!

Congrats on the loss, you're doing very well - and an even bigger congrats on getting out of the 140's - 120's here she comes.

Thanks again for last night, it was great to catch up - I don't remember the last time i've been to a movie with anyone other than Michael ... lol