Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its bloody hot people !

I moved the mattress downstairs last nite and bloody froze ! hahah but oh so much better then being hot...but being in front of the a/c was definitely cool. Its a pain having the mattress in the middle of the lounge room but worth it for the decent nites sleep. Its gonna be damn well 44 degrees today, it was 44.7 30 minutes ago ack ! And its not gonna be under 40 till at least next monday ! wholly hell !

Foodwise yesterday went real good and the scales moved ! Yay went 300 grams under what i was last weigh in so thats a good sign. I did drink 3 litres of water yesterday, and didnt have pasta for dinner, instead i had a piece of marinated lamb which was only 3 points plus a baked potato with 2 tablespoons of osur cream was yum yum and all for 5.5 points much better then eating the pasta.

Spoke to Leigh online last nite...she messaged me not the other way around and we chatted for a bit....and i went offline first HAH dont want her thinking she runs this show lmfao As for felicity i sent her a message the other no response two days later and so i messaged her and she was like ive been busy....too busy to reply to a text message??? Whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i dunno what leigh has or hasnt said and im not gonna get into it...nor am i gonna feel guilty....i dont believe i have done anything wrong, at one point i did feel guilty but ive moved past that...

Okies a couple of hours more work then off to the movies tonite with tania...enjoy all

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