Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm excited !

yes its true I am ! Let me explain...I really do like fernwood gym, but there is a issue whilst I love my PT sessions and wouldnt give them up ever i wish they provided me more focus on my cardio whenever i ask what i should be doing its always like oh yanno aim for 40 minutes on the machines and if i ask about classes its like well try them...theres never any consideration of my fitness level and a plan to work towards classes as ive told them thats what i want. So aftr consideration i have joined jillian michaels website with personalised coaching. If I find it not suitable i can cancel at 4 weeks so it gives me a chance to see if this would work. Anyway Matt who will be my coach has emailed me...i just emailed him back and gave my history and goals. Jillians website also sets out circuits that you can do at home as well as every month she loads a music compilation to use during the workouts and it has a very definite setout routine....which i think will help. So just waiting to hear back from him altho considering this gawd awful heat dunno if i will do much exercise this week (except thursday when i have a PT session) i am moving my mattress down to the lounge room tonite as its wayyyyyyyy to hot upstairs for me and i need to sleep in the room with the a/c till prolly tuesday at least.

Foodwise ive changed my plan around a lil....i have cut back to 2 weetbix and a banana dont feel i really need 3 anymore, for dinner i am having marinated lamb, potato and salad all for 5 points ! Bonus ! They gave out lamingtons at work today 3.5 points...but i worked it in and i still have 2 points left in case i feel like a paddle pop after dinner.

Tomorrow nite off to the movies to see bride wars with tania, thursday is gearing up to be a busy day...10am-11pm i have ww, 11.30-12 i have a PT session and 12.30-1.30pm i am meeting ryan and jaimee in town for lunch. Then i will go home and flake out from the heat ! LOL Checked my plants this morning they seem to be coping ok with this heat but will give them a nice big drink of water this evening...ok off i go ! Enjoy all !

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Tania said...

You just joined her website so you can get a glimpse of Jillian ... lol. Will be interested to see your results from this.

Looking forward to tomorrow night - see you then!