Monday, January 26, 2009


Well ive been a incredible lazy ass today ! LOL ive done graphics, played gammon, listened to music and watched more of wills & grace lol

I've been thinking a bit relation to the pasta im eating at nite. Pasta is so high in points im spending 4.5-5.5 points per day on it so im gonna start to alter that a bit. Im gonna start to eat more meat, potato and salad at night I will still have pasta 2-3 nites per week....but i think this is a good step. My points have dropped in the last month from 27 and by my next weigh in they will be 25 so I need to be using them better. Tomorrow nite im planning to have a lamb steak (110 grams but is marinated so thats 3 points) plus potato and salad....that will give me dinner for about 6 points, and I think it will be more filling too. The other thing i wanna look into is egg pasta....i heard that is half the points? I will have to check that out when i go to the grocery store next. My dishes with pasta before were working out to about 9 points....which was fine while on 27 points....but needs to alter now.

Funny thing happened yesterday....i thought ill be the big person extend a olive branch to Leigh and sent her a nice text just saying hope you had a good weekend. We swapped a couple of texts and she told had been good except there had been some drama...drama that DIDN'T include kazz ! lol I told jody this morning and she was like...admit it you loved that there was drama hahahah and well yeh it did give me a giggle...

Off to work for 2 days then i have a couple off...wednesday nite tania and i are going to the movies to see bride wars....really looking forward to that ;) i was suppose to meet jaimee for lunch on thursday but mite suggest we meet in the evening as its suppose to be 41 degrees for the next 3 days BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!

Okies off i goooooooooooo !

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Tania said...

OMG @ drama not involving you - don't they know it's ALL about you ... lol ... did she elaborate on the drama?

OUCH! Obviously I haven't eaten pasta since i've been back tracking, I didn't realise it was so many points these days! Doesn't look like it will be in my tracker much in the future either then. But you eating vegetables??? What have you done with the real Kazz?