Sunday, January 25, 2009


Slept rather good again last night which is great. Only woke up when my blood noisy neighbours were up and about lol

Today i need to go to town and find some bloody shoes for work...i wanna wear my 3/4 jeans i have, i have these sandshoes but they been giving me blisters so i need some slip on shoes but they cant be a thong style (they all seem to be thong style) but ill go looking today. After that i am planning to go to the local gardening store and buy some edible plants. I dont know which really (i think things like beetroot and carrot its the time to plant at the moment) but i guess ill discover while im there.

I'm thinking about going to the 5pm session of marley & me tonite....havent seen it yet but would really like to but its only on at that may be a goer. I also wanna see bride wars so maybe ill lash out and go to the movies tomorrow as well lol

Okies off to play in a gammon tourney then time to get out of here....enjoy your sunday all !

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