Saturday, January 24, 2009


Good afternoon ! Home from a couple of hours at the shops. Went to target today looking for a pair of summer shoes for work (didnt find any ahhh !) but did find some other goodies...

Now to explain one of my purchases and i why its a big deal....heres a story lol....many years ago...(i was about 21) i had a unit and in there i had a frame pic of me and my dad anyway i was very sick and needed to go to hospital so my mum and her hubby came to pick me up...anyway as we walked out the door her hubby asked me to remove the photos as it hurt mum too much...hmmmphhhh ! For years i have done that...when I was with Ang she often said u need to put some pics of your dad up, its your house u put up what u want,....but i never did. Anyway this morning i was playing on the internet and i actually came across a couple of photos of my dad....which was super exciting....and then i went hunting for photo albums and found the pic i wanted....its me taken when i was not quite 2 1/2 years old and im on dads lap he is in his army uniform....real nice i went and bought a frame for it today....and its now framed sitting on my tv next to a photo of his grand daughter :) and that is where it will stay. I also bought a wok, the last series of will & grace on dvd (gonna sit down and watch that tonite), nail polish remover,buffer and strengthener (yes believe it or not my nails have grown !) and i also bought tis cute pink and yellow pyjama set its shorts and a tanktop they fit me now altho tight but it feels so free-ing to wear a completely sleeveless top and have my shoulders bare, im sure over the coming weeks it will start to fit me better and MAYBE only maybe i mite in a few weeks take a pic in it (trust me it will hide none of my flaws lol) Tonite for dinner im planning to make a yummi low point pizza.

I slept soooooooo much better last nite...only took about 30 minutes to fall asleep and i dont recall waking up at still tired but its a good improvement.

Okies off i the new slimming and health magazine today so gonna relax reading it

Oh and Jody? Thanks oodles for the chat this morning - you made so much sense when u said to me your taking care of the physical health now also time to take care of your soul ;)


Tania said...

YAY for shopping! And I agree with what Ang said too - you need to decorate your home with what's important to you, so pleased you framed the photo.

Jody said...

Karyn, so glad to hear about you putting up that picture of you and your father. I actually remember that picture. When I first met you, you had a website made with your childhood pictures and one of the pictures was of you sitting on your fathers lap in uniform.

I'm glad you are digging for pieces of your father. It may be painful, for not only you, but your mother's ok though. It's memories we don't want to forget. One other thing Karyn, tell Kerry's kids all about "Grandpa" give them your memories. Its not only a gift to yourself, but a gift to your niece and nephews. Something you can pass on. You are such a good writter. Maybe you can make another site with stories and poems and pictures. You are so good at all of that stuff. Ok enough rambling...haha!

kazz said...

i love ya rambling gertie !