Friday, January 23, 2009

Ahhhh for some sleep...

i'm feeling much better today, i feel really tired tonite so with luck i mite sleep well tonite. I havent worried today...hasnt been a focus at all...felicity messaged me during the day about going out tonite...but told her i was planning to go to the gym early in the morning so would skip it...Im not sure if i will get to the gym or not...simply cos im not gonna set my alarm. If i manage to get a good sleep i wanna take advantage of it and catch up on sleep. Last nite went to bed at 10.30pm and was still awake after midnight and then woke up at 3am so gawd would be so nice to catch up on that sleep. Then i am meeting jaimee for coffee....and later in the afternoon going to do my grocery shopping. I also need to buy some new shoes and so sunday mite go into town and look for some new shoes and mite venture to katies too....theres a girls dance on the 22nd of feb which i may go too, leigh n felicity are going but another group of my friends are going so it may be a good way to catch up without pressure. (May have to call in sick the next day if i do go to it tho lol shhhhhhhh)I also wanna venture down to the garden store this weekend too. OKies not much else to post byesssssssssssssss

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Tina said...

Glad you are feeling better today Kazz. Sounds like so much is going on in your life.

Enjoy the gym this morning.

Have a great long weekend.