Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gawd another post !

I am feeling much better tonight....ive been sitting here studying the gyms class timetable and decided im gonna focus my energies on the gym. Leigh texted me tonight and asked me if i was going to the wheaty tomorrow nite....said i wasnt sure but now i think ill skip it and instead go to a gym class on saturday morning. Body pump is with one of my fave trainers and they been sending out emails saying dont forget about saturday morning classes so im guessing they arent busy, so it might be a good time to try body gabby who takes the class is a hottie ! hahah ! I am going to seriously consider this week buying a boxing package for 10 weeks. It costs $410 for 10 weeks but its not getting on a contract and is only for 10 weeks....but ill think some more and decide over the weekend. I also mite go to the zoo on sunday or monday,,,,that would be a good long walk walking around there.....the camera could get a good work out too so mite be a goer.

Jaimee just messaged me (gawd i miss her !) her hairdresser is in the next street from me...and shes got a appointment saturday so i will prolly go catch up with her for a coffee and a chat. Which will be lovely, i miss out girlie chats. Im also planning to go to the garden shop.....being at my sisters and all her plants (she has a great vegies patch (okies patches theres a few lol) but my sister motivated me....i looked at the yates site and i saw BEETROOT can be planted sister will laugh,,,,when i went there....the first nite she said come out and see the we went out....and everything i pointed at saying is that beetroot???? then that nite i dreamt about beetroot and well my niece ate so much beetroot while i was there it wasnt funny ! lol I mite plant some sweet peas too and some cabbage....theres a big gardening store near me so i will go check it out over the weekend. Okies thats my last post for the day ! hahhaha

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