Monday, October 03, 2011


Gonna be a weird week. A week of change. Fionas last week this week....and tomorrows my only session this week :( In reality I have not been thinking about the change with Fiona leaving...but its really here now. My big focus over the next few weeks needs to be on maintaining my routine as much as I can. So tomorrow morning body balance and PT. Wednesday Sh'Bam and Thursday night Body Balance. Whilst they arent big cardio classes....i will still be maintaining some routine. The week after should be better. Friday my sister comes into town so no gym that night as I will be visiting her and her family and same monday night. But next week as I am starting at 9.30am I am going to do a couple of morning classes. Tomorrow afternoon I have a appointment with the gym manager and then I will be seeing the food more of a idea about whats happening with my nutrition side of things. So numerous changes....obviously I wasnt going to do 3 PT sessions for forever but I am trying to stay positive about it all and not lose the plot lol

Food wise I was good today...when I jumped on the scales last night after my disastrous eating the previous couple of days I thought I doubt I will be under 88 kilos (eek!) but miracuously I was 86.5 kilos this morning....still up 2.7 kilos but not as bad as it could be. My eating has been good today too. So yanno just gotta keep on trucking on....I am trying to stick to 1400 far so good. Will be interesting what the food coach thinks when she sees my food diary (cos I seriously dont think I actually eat a lot!) Next week I am buying a new HRM I am getting polars RS300X its one that you can add the arm gps unit to or the shoe pod so if I do get really into running....I can measure distance etc.

Spoke to Jo who was the girl I was dating earlier in the year over the weekend. Hadnt actually spoken to her since my 5 year dinner. So have made some plans to go to the grrls feast thats on on October 20. All platonic....we are not suited on a romantic level but it will hopefully be fun to get out and have a dance. Gotta get out there if I ever have any hope of meeting someone (not that I am specifically looking tho)

Oh and here is a pic of me in my new singlets I bought from Lorna Jane on the weekend :)

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