Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Big day :)

I left home at 6.20am this morning for body balance but the bloomin bus didnt turn up!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! So went home for a yummy breakfast of banana and peanut butter on toast...yummmm ;) Then went to the gym for PT...I had did some pushups and fiona said i am going lower which was what I thought...I doubt I am going much lower but I can definitely feel a difference! Also did some jogging up the stairs (I seriously dont think I am getting any better at this!) I think I am also going to practice "crouching" i really suck at it...fiona said its cos my muscles are tight so im going to practice that....hopefully it will help!

When I was getting ready for PT....in the bathroom at the gym in my new lil spiffy Lorna Jane Singlet I must admit I liked what I saw. I would have preferred if the top sat further over my tummy....but my shoulders/chest area looked rather good. There really is not a huge amount of fat there anymore....more importantly tho I look fit, like really fit....someone with shape....and I love that! I will never be "skinny" I hope I will end up with a relatively toned body (obviously excess skin will affect that). I dont even really desire to be skinny (in fact I am not even a huge fan of that word) I would certainly like to end up "slim" with toned muscle.

Thats Life has just called me....the story goes to the printers tonight! Woot! So is definitely going to be out in the edition October 12, apparantly they are using 5 of my past photos and one from the photoshoot the other day....hopefully the photo from the photoshoot looks good and I dont look at it and go "ugh" lol being the self critical person that I am ;) They are going to call me shortly to read the story to me :)

I think I am going to start to wear my Lorna Jane flashpants for working out. I quite like how they look with these new singlets....and they have enough room in them now that I think I can workout with out them being a drama....will be good too as i can wear them during the day at work then dont have to muck around with changing....ill test them out tomorrow night...I will have to wear my special "wicking" knickers.....but hopefully i can wear them with no dramas.

My sister is down this weekend she arrives friday. So dinner at mums friday night....mum is making lasagne....which is fine....last time she made lasagne tho she cooked up oven fries, so i will make a lil garden salad and take that to have with it. I wont see them then on the weekend as I am working saturday and they have a wedding and engagement party to attend, monday night I will tho and mum is planning a bbq....so hopefully they will have some chicken and I will again take a green salad.

Thats Life! did ring me, so I have heard the story....now just to wait to see what the pics they used look like. Then went to the gym and spoke to the Manager, we are not doing anything about it till after the Thats Life story comes out, late next week or early the week after they will take some pics and I need to write a bit of a testimonial up, they have one that I previously wrote but I need to expand it out a bit :)

I then saw my food coach, firstly I will still count calories. She wants me to give up or cut back on the diet coke (no surprise there!) so I am having my final one right now and will go cold turkey....sigh....lol! Some of the suggestions were having tahini instead of peanut butter, one of my snacks being 6-8 raw cashes which I dry roast myself (roasting as we speak!), one square of Lindts dark chocolate per nite...whole egg mayonaise instead of the fat free stuff....and funnily tomorrows calories only come in at 1225 calories. woot!!!

Anyway thats enough of my day.....more important things going on....lol....The Big Bang Theory is waiting for me!!!

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