Thursday, October 06, 2011

Well i have not had a diet coke since tuesday nite! YAY me!! Unfortunately i have a whopper of a headache...and i really dont like taking painkillers so im trying to tuff it out with the headache. Unfortunately I also have a sore was a lot sorer this morning...but still a bit achey/tired feeling. Must have given the arms and shoulders a good workout on tuesday....not really sure what they did that would have made them so achey! lol

Food has been so perfect the last few days....i was down 800 grams on the scales this heading for a loss this week :) Ive been having tahini instead of peanut butter. Its actually quite tasty! Its not the same as peanut butter...but similar....and i can have double the amount of tahini for the same calories as peanut butter. Im hoping for a super nice loss next week :)

Tomorrow night my sister arrives (well she arrives in the afternoon) so over to mums for dinner....saturday i am working then fionas drinks after work .... sunday i have a WHOLE day off yay lol. Then next week i only work 4 days before the stair climb on friday. I havent been to the gym since tuesday,,,,eek...and wont get there again till tuesday :( its just bad timing with public holidays, family visiting and me having this headache. Next week i might do body pump monday morning, possibly balance tuesday morning and then a workout tuesday nite....then i prolly wont do anything till friday after the stair climb. Then i will kick everything into action. Friday next week i am going to buy a new heart rate monitor....hopefully that will get me focused on these workouts too!

Okay off i go....bit of surfing then i think bed to sleep of this darn headache for me :)

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Chris H said...

Good luck sleeping that headache off!