Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thats Life!

First up heres scan from the magazine article!

Its been a amazing day! My sister rang me at 7am...she already had her copy. I managed to snag one before work, Im really happy with it, even the photo. Being the self critical wench i can be i can still find fault lol but overall i could look at the pic and think "im so glad im that gal" My facebook has gone crazy today....lots of people have shared the scan and I hope I have managed to find every post where people shared it and thanked them for that :) Yanno I have always known I have quite a bit of support for my weight loss but i dont think i realised just how much till today. Its been amazing :)

On the scales this morning I dropped down to 82.9 kilos! woot! so exciting!!! And i even dressed up for work a lil today (wasnt going to the gym after work after all), my lil size 10 top...unfortunately tho i was wearing my size 18 jeans and they have really got to the point of they need throwing out...going to go get some new jeans this weekend.

Tonight for dinner as a treat I made a home made pizza on pita bread....had turkey, spinach, semi dried tomatos, capsicum,mushrooms, feta cheese and pineapple. So dayam yumm!!! I havent made pizza like that for a few years.

Ive decided this year to go to works xmas party....after 10 years with the company I have never been to one xmas show. This year its at the entertainment centre...and the dress is "cocktail" so guess who needs to go buy a cocktail dress? Me and jaimee are even thinking about getting hotel rooms to spoil us just a teeny bit more! All exciting....even just last xmas i prolly would have struggled with finding a suitable dress...hopefully I can find a dress I love!!

Tomorrow is my friday...three day weekend coming my way and only 2 more sleeps till the stair climb!! woot!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yay Kaz!! Absolutely fantastic hun you look hot!!!