Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good day :)

Such a good day! Had work which all went smoothly. Then tonight I headed off to the gym, my food coach was doing a seminar on "superfoods" i was a lil late for it....but it was so good.....im such a friggin nerd....i can sit there and just listen to all the superfood talk...i find it all fascinating. She discussed lots of stuff...and i am going to try some different things....goji berries....acai berries...fresh beetroot......(which i am going to try roasting this weekend)...all the good nuts...brazil, almonds, walnuts. She also talked about tahini which I have really taken to lately. I even tried a green tea....and i managed to drink it quite easily...not really sure how you make it from tea leaves....but one of the girls at the seminar works at a "tea shop" so might wander down there saturday afternoon and check it out. I tried to get green tea into me early last year but couldnt handle the smell but this was quite light and not a huge strong smell.

Then after the seminar fiona gave me a lil present! Her partner designed some singlets for us for the stair climb. Super cute....theyre navy blue and the design is pink and has a picture of the westpac building and says "westpac stair climb 2011" on it....but also says (i may not have this exact correct as its in the other room and i am being lazy) but something along the lines of "when you get to the top of the mountain keep climbing"....bit like this weight loss journey....even once I get to goal gotta keep going :)

Oh i did weigh in this morning! LOL I lost 2.3 kilos....so after 2 weeks of 2 gains....I am now down to 83.5 kilos...lol....so i guess this weeks goal again is to get down under 83 kilos. My weigh in day has changed too...so monday weigh ins it is. But I am pretty happy I got back down to 83.5 kilos especially considering some of the foods my mum served up to me this weekend (devils food cake anyone? lol)

Anyway i wont see my for another 10 days or so....so 10 days of my controlled eating...then its only one day and then prolly wont see them again till xmas :)

Ok off i go...oh and dont forget...my story is in the Thats Life! magazine that comes out tomorrow!!!!


Rach said...

Hey Kazz - Congrats on the loss, that's fantastic. What's the benefit of the green tea? I actually don't mind drinking it so if it's going to help me to lose weight I'll drink it more often!!

Chris H said...

Did ya get the $600 for your story?
I had my weight loss story published in Womans Day about 6 years ago and got $1,500 for it! Shame I went and put most of it back on... but I am still working at it, i will never give up.