Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer dresses

All thru last year one of my goals was to be able to on christmas day be able to wear a simple summer dress. anyway I was over 105 kilos last Christmas so the type of simple summer dress I wanted to wear wouldnt have fit me. Anyway about a month ago I bought a rockmans summer dress....its pretty simple....thin straps...and its kinda a aline....very loose. And while the design is to be loose and free flowing on you it has lining in it which is quite a straight line. When I bought the dress a month ago it was tight and there was no way I would wear it so I shoved it to the back of the wardrobe. Last night I pulled it out and tried it on and it fits me perfectly! Of course that led me too....I need some sandals to wear with it lol and maybe it will be too big by xmas but its the kinda style you can wear very I have a few other summer dresses that will fit me by then.:)

So this week I wanted to get under 83 kilos.....this morning i WAS 83 so far I ahve lost 2.8 kilos this week :) Weigh in is tomorrow....hopefully I will get under the 83 kilo mark. But dinner at mums tonight....bbq which is fine but I know she is making "Devils food cake" but at the most I will have one slice of cake....not the end of the world....and last family visit of temptation till xmas time.

Didnt make it to pump this morning...need to get my act together. But will be at the gym tomorrow night....will try and sneak in for part of a "superfood seminar" then will get a workout in. Last day to hit those stairs before the big stair climb.

Time to get back to work....have a good day all :)

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