Friday, October 14, 2011

Westpac Stair Climb

Such a good day today. Was up bright and early as I had a termite inspection of my unit....that was no dramas. Went into town and bought my new heart rate monitor....i was initially not sure if I had made the right choice but now I have figured it all out i am more then happy with it!!! Will be interested to see how the calories burnt work out tomorrow. Tomorrow im planning to do body pump and body balance.

I went op shopping some great items...several size "small" and some size 10 tops. I bought a couple of size 14 jeans pair did up....but they were a bit short....but im sure once i slim down a bit more they will fit me better. Some of the brands i got were portmans, madison studio (this is a size 8 obviously a big size 8!),witchery. susan,espirit

We then went off to do the Westpac Stair Climb. I did it in 8 mins 58 rather impressed with that time! It really wasnt as hard as I expected...I meant dont get me wrong i was puffing as i was going up the stairs....but when i compare it back to 4 months ago when i would run and hit that 3 minute mark and just be struggling to wasnt like that and it was easier then I expected. I recovered really quickly as well! So more then happy with it. And sooooooooooo glad I spent so much time especially over the last few months running up those bloody stairs at the gym lol. I was thinking maybe my stair running days were over till Fiona reminded me how much it has improved my running....and since i really wanna get the running thing going i think i will still at least run up 7 flights of stairs each time I go to the gym. (maybe 14?)

I then went home...picked up food for dinner.....then headed back to the gym and did a 60 minute body pump class. At the start of the class i was sitting on my step....and i must have had my arm sitting at just the right angle...cos i noticed in the mirror could really notice the muscle (altho i did have some sagging skin! ugh I think when I get to goal I really am gonna have to focus on building bigger muscles in those arms of mine)

I then went to the health food store and picked up some foods recomended from the superfoods seminar i went too....munuka honey, goji berries, mint dark chocolate and hulled tahini (ive been having unhulled tahini cos thats all I could get at the time) I then came home....and cooked up marinated steak...then i cooked in a pan with some olive oil, chunks of tomato, asparagus and brocolini and then i sprinkled 1/2 tablespoon of parmassan cheese over it....and i ate it all...super impressed with me!!!

Tomorrow its gym....time to get my routine going again. Have a good weekend all :)


kathiej said...

8mins.....didn't u say u wanted to do it under 20 mins??

I am confused help :-)

kazz said...

lol Kathy....yeh i thought id struggle to do it under 20 minutes....if we hadnt stopped at the halfway mark thinking we were out on a afternoon tea break while we had a drink prolly could have done it faster lol

kathiej said...

Lol. Amazing you are