Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back into it :)

I was thinking today...these posts that open with "such a good day" etc are getting rather boring opening lines! The problem is life is so good lately I cant really complain about too much ;)

Today of course was gym day...I worked out for over 3 hours! After doing pump last nite i did pump again today. Our instructor said last nite...if your going to look at increasing your weights do it for the first 3 tracks after the warm i did increase to 6.25 kilos on each end of the bar for squats....and 3.75kilos on each end for the chest track...I really should have increased up to 5 kilos on each end of the bar for the back track but my arms were aching and I knew I had long workout ahead of me. Still happy i increased for those 2 tracks. Must say as much as i dislike the lunge track i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the song. Just discovered its Grenade by Jason Born will have to try and get the song for my ipod. Anyway after pump then did impressed that i maintained balance whilst doing "dancers pose" :) Then I did some ball work worked out for over 3 hours....pretty damn awesome. I burnt 1483 calories...not bad considering that pretty much none of that was cardio! Must admit after pump two days running my thighs are sore already! lol

I then went and got the ole eyebrows waxed (chickened out of the IPL but discussed it with the manager at the beauty salon...ill get it done in 2 weeks time)...then went off to target. Ive been wearing size 18 jeans and they are too big for me. I was walking out the grocery store the other hands full....and the jeans were falling down and even the knickers werent doing too great! thought it was time. When I was in plus sizes the only jeans style i could ever find was bootleg jeans...i dislike them size 18s were skinny jeans I rather liked them, anyway went shopping and was bootleg jeans everywhere UGH! But I did manage to find a pair of "boyfriend" jeans in size 14....and they fit! So damn happy. I thought size 12 would be the most I could ever get down too....starting to think ultimately MAYBE size 10's. I then wandered down to Lorna Jane (entering this store is always dangerous! lol) The "trista" singlets I bought last week I LOVE...been wearing them all the i went and bought another 3 in different colours. So i now have a grey one, pink, fluro yellow, purple, apricot and blue! LOL Plus I also bought my first "inspirational" singlet....its baby pink and aptly says "never give up"....might take a pic of me in it later in my new jeans :)

So really good day all round....i think ill be in bed early tonite tho! Must say im looking forward to a relaxing nite...enjoy your saturday all :)

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