Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spend the day with my favourite blonde Jaimee today - we had such a good girls day out :) Out for lunch first then we went into town. Our work christmas show is coming up at the end of next month and the dress for it is "cocktail" and after being employed for 10.5 years and NEVER having gone to it...I AM going this year. So the first issue was discoverring what "cocktail dress" actually meant LOL (gawd Ive lived under a rock!) We then went to Myers and I tried on about 12 dresses. All designer labels..... ooo la la ....Anthea crawford, cooper, review. Below is a pic of the dress I liked the most....

This dress really looked good on me.....(yes I honestly said that!) it was the perfect length....and I didnt look huge in it. I would love to wear a strapless or thin strappy one but may not find one I like like that at the right length. So after Melbourne Cup Day we will do another shopping day to buy the dress and shoes and no doubt push up bra haha ;)

I had a no doubt high in sodium lunch and TOM started today but surprisingly i had no gain this morning! (usually day 1 i will gain about 500 grams and about a 1.5 kilo gain on day 2) As i did have a high sodium meal I no doubt will gain but if its only a kilo or so I will be wrapped as for the last 3-4 months i have gained a minimum of 2 I am thinking the changes my food coach has made are helping. The aim was to help balance the hormones to help with the PCOS and also increase my protein to help with my low iron stores.

Ive cooked a leg of pork this week when I get home from the gym I can just do the vegetables and slice up the meat....yay nice easy and quick dinners this week :)

I put together a lil workout today which I am going to do at the gym this week....ive popped it on my ipod so i know what I need to do. The first half of it i will do several times during the week doing it two times over....then on friday nite i will do the whole thing. It should take me just over a hour to do the whole lot I think so will be good for those nites I can make it to the gym but cant make it in time for a class I here it is:

1.5km running intervals + the stairs twice + 2km on rower

leg press - starting at 60 kilos
LAT pull down - starting at 30 kilos
pull ups on smith machine
20 pushups
leaning on bench on elbows doing mountain climber type exercise
bosu ball upside down 20 squats
bosu ball right way up balance on one leg (3 mins each side)
steps on step holding hand weights (start at 8 kilos or 10 kilos?)
20 squats using the yellow kettle bells

^^^ Several times this week I will do the above twice thru and on friday I will do the entire workout

practice wacky weights stuff

Its basically a mixture of stuff I did with Fiona over the last few months and Ive just taken some leg and chest stuff and mixed it up with some cardio, as well as some of the exercises I need to do to help with strengthening my ankles :)

Am looking at doing the Resolution Run in January,,,,,its a 7,5km walk/run....obviously walking it would be no issue it would be super cool to be able to run even some of it (say half). I knew next year I would want to start to focus on this running stuff so think I am going to focus on it a lot sooner! LOL. Firstly I need to get the go-ahead from my physio....she has basically allowed me to run up to 1.5km only at a may need to book in and get a full assessment done again and see if she thinks I can start to run further.

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Martine (email: said...

I love the fact you have lost so much weight, I am more excited to see you blossom and grow and just be so happy. Well done mate, your friends are just so in awe of your achievements. Be in touch soon. Martine x