Monday, October 17, 2011

Weigh in day :)

Weigh in day today....and I am happy with a gain ;) For the last 4 months or so....the first 3 days of my cycle i have gained each day...Day 1 i would gain about 500 grams....Day 2 about 1.5 kilos and Day 3 200-300 grams. Day 1 this time NO GAIN (insert a big yay here!) then Day 2 I did gain 1.1 kilos....but the good thing is yesterday I ate hot chips so I know quite a chunk (if not all) of the gain is sodium related. Will be very interesting to see if I gain in the morning. Anyway when I explained to my food coach (she has been altering my eating slightly to help balance my hormones, encourage calcium absorption and increase my iron levels. I am feeling like I have more energy and I feel "happier" and she did comment today a lot of the foods I am eating now do help with depression so its all good :)

So....I gained 700 grams but overall I am very happy with that :) My body fat did another drop!!! YAY!!! So the scales have been very up and down over the last 8 weeks or so but over the last 5 weeks my body fat has dropped from over 38% to down to 31.2% so thats quite a dramatic drop and its dropping consistently. My food coach also said today "your not far off your goal of 76 kilos" to which I told her I want to lose more then that now...I wanna go down to 68 kilos lol. She has basically said....lets get to 76 celebrate that and we tick that off then we will look at the next step. So thats it the focus is back to 76 kilos (her chart said 76 is the top of the healthy weight range not 77 we will go with that!)

At the gym tonight I did running intervals for 1km and then a 30 minute boxing class. Man those boxing classes are full on! I burnt 440 calories in 30 minutes which for me is damn awesome. So I worked out for 47 minutes and burnt 591 calories so quite impressed with that. Ive organised that from next week on I will do my food coach session at 6.45pm which means I can always make it. And will also mean most weeks I can make Body Combat as well. Tomorrow going to run 1.5km intervals, 2km on the rower, 2 lots of stairs (14 flights) and then body pump. I also am having my photo taken for the Fernwood Magazine tomorrow :)

Enjoy your night all....think its going to be a early one for me!!!

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