Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I was in pump today....doing some stretch where you touch your hands to the floor and couldnt help notice my stomach....no matter what the stomach doesnt seem to be going away (confirmed via the stair climb photos) and i couldnt help but instantly wonder "how the hell did i let myself get into this situation" Of course my situation these days is so much better then it was 5 years ago....but theres some damage that i will never be able to undo. And i guess thats one thing....you can only do this weight loss journey when you are ready....ready to commit and have the right headspace. But the one thing i always say is dont waste time like I did....I realise I did this when I was ready but wow i wish i had done it 20 years ago...not only cos I have wasted the last 20 years of my life...but also the damage to the skin and what will be "left over" may not have been as bad.

Found out at lunchtime today a friend was taken to hospital....and then work was putting on cake.... no guesses who in her stressful moment turned to a huge piece of gooey chocolate cake.... :( very glad a certain someone is better and released from hospital now.

This morning the scales had dropped by 100 grams but after chocolate cake today who knows what the scales will do tomorrow! lol I did burn 838 calories today. Jogged up 14 flights of stairs, then did running intervals for 1.5km ( funny how when you run at 9.5km then doing a interval of speed of 8 feels like a walk in the park lol) I then went and did pump. After hurting my hand a lil last nite...i was concerned as my hand has been cramping intermittently today....but i was perfectly fine with pump. Only thing was I think maybe my back is not destined to go too high a weights in the back track. Second time ive tried increasing the weights and my back hasnt liked it. Last time i tried to increase it to 6.25 on each end of the bar and i thought i was gonna kill myself that day! LOL Tonite i just had 5kilos on each end and i can still feel it....so will go back to 3.75 kilos on each end and leave it at that weight for a while.

The photos were taken for the fernwood magazine today....they are planning the story for the January issue.:) Was funny I walked thru the gym with my hair all rockstar like and my make up on etc lol and got numerous comments from staff LOL must say i was more then eager to chuck my hair in a ponytail and get into my workout gear....weird being at the gym dressed up LOL. I saw the pics tho and they look good. They said again they will be putting my photo up on the gym wall for weight loss and also doing the book thing they wanna do that they will have sitting in the members area so people can view it when sitting around or for new members :)

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