Thursday, October 20, 2011

Someone made a comment on my facebook today which of course i cannot find now....where they were saying "your control it" it was basically about what I was discussing in my previous post about the diet coke.

When I went on long service leave in late may....i set some goals.....i wanted to reach 81 kilos at least...but the ultimate goal i was going for was 77 kilos. When i returned to work i was about 83 kilos....this morning i was 84.5 kilos. Admittedly over the last month i have got down to 82.7 kilos and the highest has been 84.6 kilos (i think) Dealing with work and temptations has definitely been hard. In the 4 days of this week so far...two days they had mud chocolate cake (free just sitting on a table in the cafe) and then today we had a thing on at the entertainment centre with nibbles and drinks afterwards. I am definitely one of those people who eats one thing wrong and thinks .... okay thats stuffed today up. So when these temptations happen at work I have some of whatever is on offer and by the time i get home im thinking stuff it. UGH. I try to have some of these options....cos i dont want to be the person who people think "she lives on rabbit food" (even tho i know thats far from the truth) So anyway today has not been a good food day :( I suspect I may be 86 kilos in the morning....having the new food coach....I think she is great....and a lot of the foods she has been having me eat I really enjoy and I know is incredibly healthy for me. She basically looks at my food diary each week....and knowing my health issues she makes suggestions to help with these. I know the foods she has suggested have helped me as my cycle was so much better this month....but at the same time I need to balance sticking to it.....getting satisfaction from not feeling hungry and eating enough to ensure I get my calorie deficit in but eating enough to sustain my exercise. I think I need to take on 70% off what she has told me but I need to ensure I dont feel too restricted.

I havent been tracking this fact since my biggest loser club membership expired i havent tracked much....the calorie king is the biggest pain in the ass website....its so slow its not funny....and it doesnt give as good visual overview of the breakdown of my nutrients. So I renewed my membership tonite. So will start tracking again in the morning. I am going to keep it under 1400 calories. I mean even if I am 86 kilos in the morning it is still only 7 kilos to be a "70's girl" surely if I knuckle down....stick to 1400 calories a day....burn a minimum of 2800 calories a week (i usually reach this easily - put it this 3 days im over 2200 calories already....and by saturday afternoon ill probably be at around 3700 calories burnt) and say no to all work treats....i possibly could be a 70's girl by xmas. As to the diet coke dilemma....Im undecided....whilst I know its not good for you...and the long term damage it can do to your health....I do feel it assists me with my weight loss....and I guess I am leaning towards....when at goal I can cut the diet coke out (as i would have my calories to eat so wouldnt need the satisfaction i get from diet coke).

In relation to personal training....i need to accept the way things are now and get over it all i think. The doing weights by myself I will never get as much out of them as I did with fiona....i know that....its one of the reasons i do classes as i suck at motivating myself and one of the reasons why for me doing PT 3 times a week was necessary for me, especially in the beginning. I need to attend as many classes as I can. As many of the hard classes....doing classes like sh'bam i dont really believe do a whole lot for me....but doing boxing, cycle and pump are probably the ones I need to focus on attending. Step would be a great class wise i can cope with step perfectly fine altho its a definite workout but my co-ordination sucks! One of the few times I did step i trod on someones foot cos i was behind my step instead of in front of it and so the poor woman behind me copped my great hoof on hers....and i think thats whats put me off a lot.

Anyway tomorrow is a new day.....really need to get my head screwed on right....or Im gonna end up blowing everything Ive worked the last 5 years for.


Pinky said...

Life does like to throw us curve balls doesn't it! - Keep it up - you are going great but it is your journey and you are the only one living it 24/7 so you need to do what works for you and will assist you in obtaining your goals.
On another note - I must have missed that you no longer work out with Fiona - has she left? sorry if being a bit nosey.

Anonymous said...

Fiona resigned from the gym and finished up 2 weeks ago :(

Chris H said...

PLEASE don't blow it!
I did, and it sucks.

I am on the long hard road back from being at goal 5 years ago!

I hated Step classes too... I am so unco-ordinated it's not funny.

Pinky said...

Oh that is a shame - but def don't give up like Chris says! - You can do this - you just need to keep doing what you are doing and find what will work for you and you enjoy

Maggie said...

Oh kazz, please please don't blow it. I know you can get into those 70s. I just KNOW it! Keep going to those classes and keep tracking everything and you'll get there. It's soooo easy to just say SCREW THIS and give in to all the crap that life throws...i know, I just did! But you CAN do this!!