Monday, October 24, 2011

Weight in day etc etc :)

Well a bit has happened over the last few days!

Saturday night I went out to the Golden Dance. Must admit I looked kinda cute lol (really did i say that?) i was in a strappy size small top and my size 14 boyfriend jeans and some lil heels and knew I was looking pretty good. Anyway I turned up....Jo was there with a friend of hers....she introduces me and says "see told you she is beautiful" *rolls eyes* anyway....her friend stayed for a while and then this time I had had a glass of wine .....and we got into a pretty indepth conversation about what happened between us....i told her i am not a fan of how she behaves at times when she is around her friends and that in all honesty I suspected she was going to end up going back to her ex and didnt think we were on the same page in relation to feelings. And i felt that I was going to end up hurt. She was surprised I think to hear what my thoughts had been and that I didnt really think that she was interested in me more then just a friend. She told me she believes there is a attraction between us and that she wants us to catch up for dinner etc more. What that all means? I have no idea! LOL This is the issue with someone who isnt quite ready to move on to a new relationship i at this stage....who knows....we will catch up...we will go to feast....and i guess we will wait and see what happens. Im just gonna be cautious.....cos if things are never going to progress then we need to not discuss attractions or whatever....but at the same time if things MIGHT progress then i guess i need to give her the time to realise she can trust me. Anyway time will tell I guess.

Yesterday I helped mum with her garage sale and ended up taking a pile of stuff home ;) My sister in law whose house is really nicely decored had some chocolate and cream cushions she was selling and I have a chocolate brown lounge suite so I got that....and then she also had a off white long haired thats in my lounge room too now....looks really good :) Off mum I nabbed a funky yellow teapot and a tea next weekend I will venture off to the tea shop to try and find some green tea i like.

Today I have woken up flu-ish :( Im feeling a bit better than this morning, staying tucked up in bed with bad daytime tv and guzzling no gym tonight :( but I just wanna feel no stressing over missing a workout.

I did weigh in and gained a kilo...on the plus side after my bad eating last week i had got up to 85.8 kilos but was down to 85.2 kilos....but enough of the self sabotage....i need to get under 83 kilos and stay under there (one step at a time). Waiting patiently to hear when the gym announces the boot camp....the manager told me would start mid november so surely they have to advertise it soon! The other thing is I really need to start focusing on this running thing ugh! lol


Natalie R said...


Good luck with Jo - what is meant to be will happen. And yay for all the other neat stuff that's happened to you - you certainly deserve it and have worked for it.


Maggie said...

Bah,..its so hard when someone isn't quite ready to move on. I wish you luck, but don't lose yourself waiting for her ok?

As for the gain? Your body was gearing up for the flu, so even if you hadn't had a bit of bad eating going on, chances are you would have gained anyway. You can lose it again!

Get some rest and feel better soon!