Thursday, November 03, 2011

Im backkkkkkkkkkk!!!

Well im back! I know I had some "negative nancy" posts previously up...(over the weekend i think?) but i had deleted them. Not so much cos i was upset by them or anything but i feel a responsibility for people to see this CAN be done...and whilst i think its important people see its not all smooth sailing for me...i didnt think repetition upon repetition of negativity was appropriate.

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....I couldnt initially work out why i was being so negative and why i had, had enuff of this weight loss....i figured some of it may be related to fiona having left the gym and me going from 3 PT sessions per week down to having do things by myself. I know a lot of people had said to me "why dont u get another trainer" but im just not interested in going down that path, for a variety of reasons. Fiona was actually my 4th trainer...I had 3 other trainers before her and dont desire going thru that process again to find the right trainer, when I have sat down and worked it out I have spent over $20,000 over the last 3 years on my weight loss. Now I dont regret it for a second, it was a sacrifice i was more then willing to make, but I really dont want to pay so much for the gym anymore. Who knows what the future holds....but right now another trainer isnt a path I am going to go down. Following a few conversations with Fiona over the last week or so over facebook....I started to realise a lot of this was simply down to my self belief....I struggle to think I can do this on my own. Anyway so I caught up with fiona at the gym tonite.....and we sat down for a hour or so and talked. The gym is having a bootcamp which is for 5 weeks and starts on November 22, we discussed this at length and I am now leaning towards doing it....all comes down to confidence for i will speak to the gym next week about it...fiona doesnt think its out of my ability, so if i go ahead with that, that will be tuesday and thursday nights at 6.30pm. The good thing about that is its a "appointment"....a committment at the gym which i need to attend. And i need those committments.

We then worked out a program for the class wise what we decided is this :

mon - boxing
tues - pump
wed - boxing (when i can make it on time) + cycle class
thur - running
fri - body pump
sat - balance

As well as the classes.....5 days a week i have to run up the stairs (7 flights) twice....and i have to time them and on the second round improve on my time. And this week I have to run 1km 5 days a week...starting at a speed of 8 and working up to 10 (eek!) by the end of the week. But i feel much better as i have goals now. I feel a lot better now as I have goals and things I need to do! Fiona photocopied the plan and I am sure if I dont mention doing it on facebook she will be kicking my ass! So no excuses ;)

I bought my cocktail dress today! Its SUCH a girl dress!! I tried on 5 dresses....3 I really liked, the other 2 were black and so I decided that was a bit boring ;) Its a burnt orange colour with a black is a bit of a snap of it...not a great photo....but you get the idea

I then wandered to bras and things to get a strapless had a proper fitting.....5 years ago 26E (altho i was prolly bigger then that and was just wearing overstretched bras) today i am a 14D....which seems tiny to me....but yanno if they got rid of the excess skin id prolly only be a C cup lol. I also got some tummy sucker undies as well and then as they were having a buy 2 get the 3rd item free sale....i got some cute pj bottoms too :)

I then went down to lorna jane....and well....ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...... *whistles*.....$420 later!!! LOL I bought a hoodie, a purple singlet from their LJ black range, a pammy crop, a white singlet with a pammy crop installed, a laundry bag for washing, couple of pairs of socks and also the MOST to die for top! It is spearmint green so pretty....gorgeous material....i tried it on in a medium....but the medium was too have organised with them to get a small and post it out to me i should recieve it next week. And cos I had spent so much I got a free mandy t shirt....and also im a VIW member now which means 10% off all my purchases until June next year :)

Then as i was purchasing them the girls are telling me that Lorna Jane is releasing a new book...i was like yeh im in they were asking about that.....then they were like....Lorna Jane is coming to the store on December 2....we will organise for you to personally meet her :) So they are going to call me before then to arrange that :)

So my bank balance isnt so keen on today! LOL But my mind and sanity is !!! The other good news? I was 82.9 kilos this morning......slowly....slowly....................


Martine (email: said...

Wow, that dress is fabulous. Very flattering way - you just look a normal size. Can't wait to see you with your hair and makeup all done. Martine

Emily Turkalj said...

wow Kazz you are totally amazing and entitled to your down moments. Now that dress is stunning, you must feel like a million bucks! So impressed with you!