Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday :)

Good day today! Ive decided since my calorie burn when i finally get my ass to the gym is quite high these days...the days i exercise ill eat 1500 cals and non exercise days 1400 cals (biggest loser site claims i can eat 1600 cals and still lose weight) So i was under my 1500 cals today :) I did my first day of my program that me and fiona came up first thing i had to do was run 1km....was only on level 8 but geezus thought i was going to freaking die! Honestly didnt even think i would last the whole kilometre initially...then i went sat up my pump step then went and jogged up the stairs. So its 7 flights...fiona has told me to go as hard as I can on the first set of 7 flights and then try and beat myself on the second round of 7 flights. So i did this last nite....after having done nothing....first flight was 3mins3sec and second round was 3mins1sec.....tonite....after having just ran the 1km (and trust me i was buggered!) first round i did 2mins41seconds....and second round....i did 2mins41seconds!!! So i didnt beat it but considering how tired i was and ive been avoiding the stairs and running the last month or pretty impressed with that :) I then went and did body pump which is a 60 minute class. Im still doing the higher weights. Currently im doing 6.25kilos on each end of the bar in the squat track but im going to try on tuesday to do 7.5 kilos on each end. I think the lunge track i can also try and increase from 5 kilos on each end to 6.25kilos. The other next one to increase would be the back track....but.....when i was on long service leave i tried 6.25 kilos on each end and i really struggled to lift that above my head and it hurt my while 5 kilos seems fine for the back track at the moment (maybe it even feels a bit easy) ill increase the squat and lunge track this week....and then maybe try to increase the back track the week after. The shoulder,bicep,chest and tricep track im a bit of a weakling with and only doing 3.75 kilos and especially that darn shoulder and bicep track i really struggle. Anyway so i burnt 1094 cals in just under 2 hours today....considering a hour of that was pump, so weight work i am pretty impressed with that. After pump the trainer pulled me aside and asked me how i was going motivation wise now fiona isnt at the gym, we talked about that a lil she basically just told me to throw myself into classes, and she has run marathons before so we talked a lil bit about running. And she just told me a few things she recommends....its good tho how supportive the gym is :)

The other thing I have noticed is my bicep muscle seems to be changing shape a lil. I really noticed it after the bicep seems fuller....rounder....prolly first time a body part of mine has been "fuller" and I am happy about it ;)

THEN i signed up for thats it i am committed to it now. So that starts on the 22nd for 5 weeks....and thats on tuesday and thursday fingers crossed i survive that!

I wore one of my Lorna Jane tops i bought yesterday today. Super cute tank top....size medium....but ive now realised its TOO BIG!!! No more medium sized tank tops i think from LJ....only small sizes! Its still wearable ill just need to have to wear another singlet under it but DAYAM!! I did buy a hoodie from them yesterday is a medium but it fits me perfectly....a hoodie being a lil loose is fine.

Anyway no more gym till monday as I am working all weekend :( Might have to try and go for a long walk tomorrow nite after dinner instead or chuck on one of Jillians DVDs :)

Nitemare too...found out one of the other girls at work bought the same dress as me :( so its going back! One of the others i tried on and liked I will prolly was cheaper too! lol

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