Saturday, November 05, 2011

Things seem to be on the upward especially mentally. I feel much better today and bonus when i weighed in this morning i was 82.8 kilos.....i may actually manage a loss this week which would be the first time in prolly 2 months where it would be two weeks running which would be good (altho I accept at this stage it may be a lot of weeks of up/down/up/down. So if I manage to weigh in at 82.8 kilos on monday it would be a loss of 200 grams....nothing massive...but it would be a step in the right direction.

It was good talking to the pump trainer after pump yesterday too, as I am TRYING to get into running....and I was telling her this....she gave me some recommendations in relation to eating and even to some training closer to the event :)

Worked today. I work one full weekend out of every 5. Next weekend I work saturday only. So saturday is done. So only another 2 days and I will have 2 days off ....yay freaking yay since i only had one day off this week. As im working till 5pm this week I cant get to HEAPS of the classes....i can make a boxing one on monday night....and pump tuesday night...and boxing and cycle on wednesday night....but as i cant make any thursday,friday and saturday i mite do some extra classes on tuesday and wednesday. Could go in and do boxing at lunch time on tuesday....and pump and balance on wednesday lunchtime...but that may be too much on one day...decisions decisions.

Not much else going on....quiet nite at home tonight since i am working in the morning...a yiros and some retro tv sounds like the plan for me!

I had what struck me as a weird comment on facebook yesterday....I was mentioning that I need to get thru my head that Im a size small in LJs tops these days and a friend commented that i am "lucky", hate to say it peeps lucky didnt come into it at all! Plenty of work and maybe some luck in finding the right support system, and finding a good gym etc.....but 90% of my success has been purely from hard work. I use to look at slim people or people with nice figures and think "lucky buggar" and sure for some with good genetics etc they are lucky....but i think thats a minority there are more people that are slimmer who live healthily then arent from what I see.

Okay time to scoot home....have a good night all!

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