Sunday, November 06, 2011

Back to calorie cycling..

Well thats it...working my one full weekend every 5 weeks is done again for a few more weeks (thank goodness!) I have tuesday, wednesday and sunday this week off and then I am back to my normal routine thankfully. So YAY!!

This morning I was back at 83 kilos....the good news is after 6 weeks or so of gaining approx 2 kilos then losing 2 kilos as last week i lost 1.7 kilos....and was 83 kilos last looks like im headed for a stay the same or very small gain or loss...which is a improvement. Ive decided to change a few things this week....most of my eating is really good, this is a average day:

breakfast - 2 weetbix and milk with 1 tablespoon of chia seeds
snack - 1 banana with 15 grams tahini
lunch - sandwich with burgen weight management bread with 50 grams of ham or turkey and mayonaisse and salad
snack - brookfarm muesli bar (these have no artificial crap in them....only bad thing is rice syrup)
dinner - 150-180 grams raw protein with vegetables (mushrooms, capsicums, onions, brocolli etc) with 30 grams feta cheese
On days i exercise and burn over 500 grams i will treat myself a freddo frog as well

So as you can see I dont eat heaps....thats around 1300 cals before i have the freddo. I dont want to eat less then I am....last week I only exercised twice but i burnt over 1000 cals each of those days...I dont think eating less is the answer but maybe eating slightly differently is. So with that said....I am going to go back to calorie cycling and see how that works for a will be:

monday 1200
tuesday 1700
wednesday 1300
thursday 1600
friday 1300
saturday 1500
sunday 1200

So ive plugged in my food for tomorrow....1166 cals for the day....i cant get to the gym till 6pm tomorrow nite...will do boxing class then and also run up the 14 flights of stairs. I wont do the run tho as fiona wanted me to do that when fresh and I cant manage to do it before boxing. I struggled to do it at a speed of 8 on friday when fresh so ill leave it till tuesday when I have the day off and can do it before the lunchtime boxing class :) My homework was to run 1km at a speed of 10 within the week LOL i really cant see it happening....but ill do my darnedest to do it. I dont know why I hadnt clicked that I havent been doing the calorie cycling so thats prolly had something to do with the plateau as my body has always responded so well with the cycling. So fingers crossed for this week :)

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