Monday, November 07, 2011

Weigh in day :)

So thats my new top! I had to get the Lorna Jane angels to ship it to me as they didnt have a size SMALL in the rundle street store (and the medium was massive on me). I love it! I was thinking after i tried it on how was only in June i got my first Lorna Jane top.....that was in a size XL...that top is huge on me now...and am actually giving it to Martine. Its funny over the last 6 weeks or so ive changed my clothes a bit i wear to the gym...i always wore baggy clothes....then one day in PT Fiona said to need to wear tighter clothes that you dont fuss around with all the time. So i started finding more fitted tops....initially i felt so self conscious in them as they werent huge tops which i thought covered my tummy but now im not bothered....and i am pulling at my tops very little in the gym :)

Today was weigh in day....I lost 500 grams YAY. So i am now down to 82.5 kilos :) So the aim is to be 81.9 kilos by next week...fingers crossed!

Couldnt get to the gym till 6pm tonight...did boxing...such a good class....I really like that she introduces new CRAZY stuff...there was 1 legged burpees which i didnt even bother to try....but there was another where u are in a lunge position....twist towards the boxing bag and jab....that was rather cool. Burnt 340 calories in 30 minutes so not bad at all. Tomorrow i am returning THE dress in the morning and will hopefully buy another one....then 1km run, jog up the 14 flights of a boxing class....and then a bit later body pump. That should have me burning well over 1000 calories.

Its a bit strange to think I am only 6.5 kilos from the top of the healthy weight range. Ive decided soon as I fit into size 12 pants more then whatever i am at that weight ill start to maintain and hopefully work on building some muscle to help with the skin issue.


Emily Turkalj said...

You are trully inspiring Kazz!! You make it all seem achievable...with some determination and committment it is amazing what we can accomplish! Congrats!

Martine (email: said...

Small, bloody small. I bet that 170Kg girl wouldn't have believed it. Well done my friend. It is lovely to hear you seem so happy. I can remember when you couldn't get into their tops. Yay Kazz. See you Saturday. Mx