Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well must say i love bloomin weekends at home! Today ive been productive yet relaxed. This morning I spent sleeping in and playing backgammon. This afternoon i spent time on the polar website checking out their current heart rate monitors...I put on facebook that I am gonna sell my current one and mel is gonna buy it off me for $ im gonna buy a FT60 plus a food pod plus the usb transmittor to transfer the data to my puter. The cool thing about this theres a few things...firstly when you first get it you do a 5 minute fitness test and tell it what your doing it for (ie for me weight loss) it then gives u a program...which is basically amount of time you need to exercise, calories to burn and you need to meet the heart rate do that for 6 weeks then it will alter it depending on how you did, it also gives you a lil trophy on ur watch if u meet your goals...but if you OVER exercise it takes the trophy away too! lol So i was reading this guys goal was 3000 calories and 6.5 hours of exercise for the week...but he did over 5000 calories (like holy crap!) and exercised for 10 hours so it took his trophy away LOL The other thing...the footpod which i wanna buy has a GPS unit which works with google earth and tells you how far you have walked/run. All up after selling mine its costing me about $300 but i think it sounds AWESOME and will be very motivating for calorie goals i can upload all the data to my computer. :)

I then went to look at some beds...saw nothing i was overly impressed a few weeks time i will go to the home maker centre at pooraka and check theirs out. I also went to the garden store and bought some rocket, spinach, thyme and parsley which is all planted.

Tonite i have a organic chicken breast roll that i marinated with thai seasoning that is in the oven...gonna have it with roasted cherry tomatos, feta cheese, caramelised onions and broccoli yum yum

Have a good week all!

Todays food:

2 bananas
Bread roll with porchetta and swiss cheese
freddo frog
130 grams roasted thai chicken with roasted cherry tomatos, feta cheese, caramelised onions and broccoli
100 grams mixed berries with 100 grams of icecream

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Carlton said...

Your new polar sounds cool... Hope it is as good as it says it is....